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Granite Key LLC

Granite Key Leasing & Management

Rental Seekers + Property Owners = A Perfect Match!


Why Are More People Renting?

From education to aviation, specialized medicine to automotive sales, a restaurant on every block, to a drugstore right next door, Wichita is growing in an unexpected way.  People both civilian and military are moving into our area, and are cautious to buy in a land they do not know.  Renting provides a way to get your bearings while providing investors with solid returns on the properties they buy or hold. 

About Wichita

Wichita is a large, sophisticated city, with a cowboy past. A quick lesson on getting around is to picture a wheel with spokes on a map. The hub is downtown. Clockwise on the rim begins our series of connected yet individual suburbs that make up the metro area. 

Granite Key has a strong network made up of global experts to tell us what's coming next. We have a local pulse on where people want to live, and how they want to live in this great city. Call us today for help in leasing, finding a lease, managing or determining value so that you come out with the perfect match in the rental housing market.  Call 316-871-8197 today!